All proceeds from NABC 2023 will go to KPC Bengali Hall Of Fame. Our goal is to build the first Heritage Museum for Bengalis.


As second generation Bengalis in North America, we often celebrate the duality of our Bengali and Western cultures and identities. Growing up in a Western country, we have been exposed to different customs, traditions and values, while at the same time, remember to maintain a strong connection to our Bengali heritage. This creates a unique cultural hybrid that is portrayed in our daily lives, from the food that we eat to the music we listen to.

This cultural duality allows us to express our unique identities and to seamlessly blend the two cultures that we consider our own. It is a reflection of our ability to navigate different cultural norms while staying true to our roots.

To celebrate and foster this unique cultural identity, NABC Next Gen serves as a community for second generation Bengalis in North America. Our aim is to encourage bonding within our community through a variety of events such as youth talent shows, meetups, comedy shows, open mics and more! We strive to create a vibrant space where we can come together to celebrate our distinctive cultural identity as second generation Bengalis living in North America.