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Business & Economics Seminar - Speakers - Technology Sector

Technology Entrepreneurship and its related issues: A Fireside Chat with 5 different Entrepreneurs from different generations, different geographies, and different foci, but one common goal: Success (40 minutes)

Moderated by: Dr. Sanjoy Paul, Managing Director, Accenture and Global Head of R & D - Systems & Platforms, Professor, Department of Computer Science, Rice University and Director of AI Houston Institute, Rice University


Arindam Mukherjee, Founder, CEO of Alumnus Software Ltd
Key Learnings from 30 Years of Entrepreneurship with a focus on Sales & Marketing for a Boutique IT Company Based In Kolkata.

Dr. Rob Roy Evp & Gm, Innovations Hub, Teoco, Fairfax VA
Key Learnings from 30 Years of Entrepreneurship with a focus on Technology & Innovations in the Hi-Tech Industry.

Dr. Prasenjit Bhadra, Founder, CEO Of Ranial Systems, Somerset NJ
Key Learnings from Tech Entrepreneurship at the Intersection of two hot trends - IOT & AI.
How to start and sustain business in the US.

Anirban Das, Founder of Accuhealth Diagnostics, Kolkata, and USAS Technologies.
Key Learnings from running two different businesses, one in the US and one in India – Specifically Learnings from Building and Scaling a Business.

Bimal Patwari, Founder & President of Pinnacle Infotech (India And Texas)
Key Learnings from an Entrepreneur who has built an IT-Powered Business in the Construction Industry.