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Short Films

Sisir Bindu:

An engineering student who wants to be a poet and his sweetheart, a highschool student aspiring to have a successful corporate career. Both drifted apart due to an unfortunate turn of events and after many years met each other in the US. Sisir Bindu is a short reflection of such a story featuring poetry, melody & romance.

অন্তরাল (Concealed), একটি না জানা কথা - An untold Story.

Our life is full of surprises and brings joy and sorrow together. A relation sometimes goes beyond the known realm and tests the depth of our feelings. This short film depicts a lonely mother closely bonded with her loving young adult daughter. At this point in life, she happens to face a reality which almost breaks her apart.

Americay Durgapujo:

A Bengali Short Film depicting a typical Durga Pujo gathering in the US, as seen through the eyes of a newcomer in the US. Showing glimpses of a community that is divided via PNPC and united via selfie, gearing up for the biggest Bengali event in the US.

অপহরণ (The Abduction), ভালবাসা, বিদ্বেষ আর স্নেহের গল্প - A story of love, bitterness and bond:

The story is about the life of a family of three, a husband, and his wife and daughter. A working woman as a mother, finds her husband always falling short of her expectations. The gap between husband and wife widens and the marriage starts to fall apart. In between, the daughter is caught in the tug of war for ownership. Love could not be owned but only to be felt and nourished with love. Bond of love finally paves way to a happy family.


Breaking Traditional Norms, Sita finds herself in a treacherous situation where she must fend for herself with no Ram to save her.

Best of luck:

The short film "Best of luck" is a tale of hope, love and triumph in the modern arena of women empowerment, revolving around the lives of two women, a daughter-in-law who pledges her mother-in-law to make her earn her living.

চৌকাঠ পেরিয়ে (After the Threshold)

চৌকাঠ পেরিয়ে (After the Threshold) is a commentary on human narratives surrounding mental health. The film begins in the house of Dr. A. Dr. A, a well-established psychologist, is being interviewed on mental health issues in times of Covid. The interviewer well versed with the American context discusses the trends in India. In a different location in the same house, Dr A’s associates are waiting for their turn for the interview. In lieu of the imminent interview prep, they talk about their short life histories and journey onto the house of Dr. A. These protagonists include cabdriver Abdul, privileged yet struggling Doctor Vishnu Singh, now well-known fashion designer Mahi Patel, celebrated dancer Suhasini , painter and photographer Joshojit and his musician friend Daniel. In the process of retelling their life histories in a group setting their unique, agonizing and part triumphant narratives actualize.

In the end all but one of the protagonists can make it across the threshold/edge of the house--- as they physically get ready for the interview. The threshold personifies the thin line between life and death, memory and actuality, existence and experience. While those that are listened to cross the threshold, the one left behind in essence is the listener. This intense narrative—in its emotional roller coaster of 45 minutes, discloses who gets to tell their stories and who gets left behind.

Oder Golpo:

We have so many stories and articles on "them", but are "they" happy with the way "they" have been portrayed? A successful ghost story writer has written multiple stories on ghosts haunting human beings, but things take a different turn when the ghosts from his stories come to haunt him.

The first voice of India : GAUHARJAAN Prod & Dir: Chaitali Roy

Gauharjaan was an Indian singer and dancer from Kolkata She was the first performers to record her voice on 78rmp records in India in 1902, and released by Gramophone Company of India.

She was born as Angelina Yeoward on 26th June, 1873 in Azamgarh , of Armenian descent. Her father , William Robert Yeoward, worked as an engineer in a dry ice factory, and married her mother, Victoria Hemmings, in 1872. Later, Victoria, converted to Islam and changed Angelina’s name to “Gauharjaan” and hers to “Malkajaan”

Malkajaan moved back to Kolkata in 1883, and established herself in the courts of NawabWajid Ali Shah. Gauharjaan, started performing in Kolkata in 1896 and was called the “First dancing girl”. She knew 20 languages and recorded 600 songs in different languages. She also performed in front of King George v .Gauharjaan popularized light Hindustani classical music with her thumri, dadra, kajri,chaiti, bhajan, tarana renditions. She was appointed as a “Palace musician” in Mysore. She died on 17th January, 1930 in Mysore. This film is about the vibrant Career and life of that Singing and dancing genius of India.