All proceeds from NABC 2023 will go to KPC Bengali Hall Of Fame. Our goal is to build the first Heritage Museum for Bengalis.

Bangali Babu

Here we present you the quintessential ‘Bangali Babu’, as you behold this fine specimen of bengaliness clad in a neatly starched dhuti -punjabi, don’t mistake him for a just a person because a bangali babu transcends the limits of the individual.

What is a bengali babu then?

Well, he is an embodiment of all that is bengali about a bengali, hundred percent unadulterated, pristine and pure.To be precise when you think of bengali, you cannot think without thinking of the archetype of a bengali babu. Cliche if you will. However you will never find us complaining about this cliche. Rather we take pride in our know-it-all ( which does not aptly translate the essence or impact of a Shob janta, but here we have to settle for the modesty of the term know-it-all), maestro of addabaji, connoisseur of macher jhol bhat, crooner of Rabindra Sangeet, a wanderlusty and often disinclined-to-work hard image of a bengali babu.

Now keeping aside the light humor, let us bask in the serious glories of a bangali babu. A bangali babu can trump just about anyone with his intellect, irrespective of age his gamesmanship, honesty and integrity is stuff of global repute. His brilliance stretches from the fields of academics to the muddy fields of anonymity where a bangali babu usually scores a hatrick or may die in the attempt in a game of football on a Sunday evening.

A bangali babu as the embodiment of a community is something that makes us proud and humble in equal measures at the same time.