All proceeds from NABC 2023 will go to KPC Bengali Hall Of Fame. Our goal is to build the first Heritage Museum for Bengalis.

NABC 2023 - Non Proscenium Theater

Segment 1: Location - Outside on Board work in Open Place (July 1st & 2nd)

"Theater in Life" - an alternative non proscenium theater platform where actors create their own stories, weaving together everything that connects them to life. Inspired by the seminal work of Badal Sircar on theater that is stripped off its embellishments, and make theater more flexible and available. We celebrate our life and our tales in our space with the audience.

Creative teams
Kushilob , Bombagarer Proja and Epic actors’ workshop

Segment 2: Location - Inside Open space on 2nd floor (July 1st & 2nd)

“Third Theater ” - Eminent Bengali playwright Badal Sircar started his "3rd theater movement" to bring theater close to its audience and started a theater practice which is flexible, portable and available
One of his Play “Bhool Rasta” will be performed in an open space by his disciple Subhasis and Tandra