All proceeds from NABC 2023 will go to KPC Bengali Hall Of Fame. Our goal is to build the first Heritage Museum for Bengalis.

New Jersey Kick Off

NABC 2023 New Jersey kick off was held on 18 September 2022 at Bharat Sevashram Sangha, New Jersey.

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Some of the event pictures

NABC 2023 kickoff was successfully held on 18 September 2022 at Bharat Sevashram Sangha, New Jersey. Shubha Abahon - a curtain raiser for NABC 2023 campaign started with a procession: Udbodhon Shobhayatra with Mongalgeeti followed by holy chanting and Mongolacharan and Shubho Shankhodhwani.

Mr. Biswajit Sengupta, Dilip Chakraborty, Ashok Karmaker valued this great concept and its implementation while Dr. Santosh Mukherjee appreciated its devineness. After the procession Swami Amarnathanandaji Maharaj of Bharat Sevashram Sangha bestowed his blessing and the indoor program started. Later, Mr. Parthasarathi Mukhopadhya said, “Without his help and blessing it was impossible to hold this event successfully.“ Swamiji expressed his extreme happiness about the event and gave his wholehearted blessing to NABC 2023.The event was streamed live on Facebook and the Zoom .People from different states and countries joined the zoom conference. The program planners arranged for videographers and photographers to cover the event.

The program was commendable as mentioned by Prabir Ray, Subrata Saha, Chitta Saha, Abhik Das Gupta, Gautam Dutta, Tapas Sanyal. The organizers for the 43rd edition of this prabasi extravaganza, outlined their plans and introduced key members of their team. Dr. Paritosh Mohan Chakraborty, Dr. Kali Pradip Chowdhry and Members of CAB wished the team all success. Many from the audience, conveners, co-conveners and various sub-committee members took turns to speak about NABC's past, present and future. NABC 2023 will be held in Atlantic city on June 30th - July 2nd, 2023. The tireless work of the lead team and the volunteers paid off. The event was strongly supported by a team from New York led by Bhaskar Bijay, Ajay. No Bengali event is complete without great food and this event exceeded its excellence and made all the registrants, participants, and teams very content.

The success was evident as twelve organizations in attendance expressed their desire that the NABC 2023 be a success and that they all are ready to be a part of this journey!

Thanks to our Volunteers


Arundhati Sanyal, Sudipta Chatterjee, Unmesh Palit (Piyal), Ratna Bhattacharya, Soma Deb, Tandra Das, Bidisha Ghoshal, Sangrami Chatterjee, Joyee Chatterje, Jayashree Sen Mazumdar, Purba Mukherjee, Bidita Chakraborty, Anindita Mukhopadhyay, Indrani Basu, Nayna Chakraborty, Priyanka Das, Ambalika Mukherjee, Shreerupa Ghoshal, Konya Badsha, Paromita Roy, Abhishika Roy, Shubhodeep Chakraborty, Shayanshubhro Chakraborty (Dittu), Niladri Chowdhury, Shantana Roychowdhury, Aryahi Roy, Koushani Bhowmik, Anshini Ghoshal, Debodipta Ghosh, Gokul Panda


Bijoy Saha, Ajoy Chakraborty, Vaskar Das, Tapas Chakraborty, Sanjib Chakraborty, Abijit Roy, Indrashish Basu Roychawdhury, Amlan, Debol Gupta, Sotyabrata Sanyal, Shriparna Bhattacharya


Anindita Mukhopadhyay, Writtick Roy, Aditi Roy, Indrani Basu, Shubhasish Das, Shriparna Bhattacharya

Technical Support

Shubhasish Das, Prasad Nadig, Bishwajit Sengupta, Tapas Sanyal, Indrasish BasuRoyChowdhury, Indrani Basu, Abhik Dasgupta