All proceeds from NABC 2023 will go to KPC Bengali Hall Of Fame. Our goal is to build the first Heritage Museum for Bengalis.

NABC Bango Sundori

The Bengali culture, bountiful in its richness of colour and tradition, has a lot to offer in fashion and style. Like other cultures and communities, the Bengali community too has its history and legacy bookmarked in its people, the way live, the way they dress and the pride with which they carry their roots on their sleeves.

NABC’s new addition to the cornucopia of ‘bangaliaana’ for the upcoming year is a celebration and a testament to this rich legacy that has evolved holding the hands of the Bengali Rennaissance and has survived the turmoils of partition. NABC 2023 thus presents “Bangasundari”.

Stereotypically, the average Bengali dame can be envisioned in a saree of white bordered in red, with gold jewellery adorning her ears, neck, hands, arms, waist and ankles. And of course, lets not forget the “tana tana chokh” and the quintessential “laal tip”. Although quite fascinating a visage, Bengali fashion is way more than that.

From the traditional “Aatpourey” drape to the more modern chiffons and silks, Bangaliaana is multi-faceted. With every decade, Bengali fashion has seen newer infusions in its repertoire. Influences of the Portugese, the Spanish, even the English have made its place into our culture. The English or the Edwardian influence is still a very commonly subscribed choice where women drape their saris around and over the left shoulder. This era also influenced Bengali women to donn shorter hairs.

The two sections of the Bangasundari are Section A, for 18-25 year olds, and Section B, for women above 25 years of age. It is indeed going to be very interesting to see how the traditions, fixed with contemporary modernization makes its way on to the ramp where women of various age groups display their version and style of what it means to be a Bengali.

See you there!

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