All proceeds from NABC 2023 will go to KPC Bengali Hall Of Fame. Our goal is to build the first Heritage Museum for Bengalis.

NABC Dhunuchi Naach

Bengal and bengalis are well known in the world for their biggest festival called the Durga Puja which is laced in sweet and cultural multitude. Speaking of Durga Puja  the Dhunuchi has to be mentioned. The ritual of bowing down in obeisance front of a burning Dhunuchi and letting its smoke touch the head bestowing divine blessings is one of the central rituals of Durga Puja. However Bengalis have not restricted the Dhunuchi ritual only to a piety of the ritual but also gone on to enhance the role of Dhunuchi into a unique dance form. That is how the legend of the Dhunuchi dance took form signifying everything that is holy and divine, also standing for the act of looking forward with hope and certainty.

Over the years, the Dhunuchi had evolved into the centerpiece of a community's collective euphoria.

During this year's NABC bengali conference's Dhunuchi Nach, the limelight would be on the Chou dancers from Mayurbhanja. This time at the NABC bengali conference do join us at the Dhunuchi Naach competition and stand the chance of winning interesting offers.