All proceeds from NABC 2023 will go to KPC Bengali Hall Of Fame. Our goal is to build the first Heritage Museum for Bengalis.

NABC Sports 2023

Among several novella activities that NABC indulges in coming summer of 2023, Sports is definitely a top priority with massive enthusiasm generated among the organizers coupled with a burning passion from patrons. This unique concept meant to inject raw bursts of energy into the annual event comes under the category of NABC Sports 2023 promising to nurture aspirations of kids, youths and adults alike.

Everyone is invited celebrate the sporting spirit within your body and nourish your mind, become a fan and cheer your team, bring out your camaraderie and spread the spark among others, create a vibrant ambience for the NABC 2023.

NABC Sports 2023 is proud to host several popular games having a special position at the core of Bengali hearts. Your guess is spot on. - “sob khelar sera Bangali’r tumi Football!”

Yes! Football, the king of all sport's is what we Bengalis live and die for, this is going to be played in an arena with a soccer loving crowd cheering amidst the flash lights of camera and phones. Soccer tournaments will be organized among 5-a side teams, chosen via member registrations online. NABC will be live streaming the matches via popular social media feeds, with live commentators and sports journalists thronging the soccer field.

Register here:

After all what’s a beach without a Volley Ball court?”

Atlantic City offers the perfect venue for the lover of beach sports. Among the wide range of beach sports Volley is the closest to the Bengali hearts, being played during regularly, particularly a staple for winter evenings in the backyard of every “para” in city and towns under the floodlights or even in remote hamlets of our rural Bengal during morning or late afternoons.

NABC Sports 2023 ignites the flames in hearts of sports lovers by giving them the picturesque backdrop of the Atlantic ocean and lovely sandy beach. The Volley Ball games will be live streamed in social media, so that nobody can miss the excitement even not being able to be physically at the field at the time of the play. NABC Sports 2023 will create a “Cheer Meter” to measure the noise generated by each game and give special recognition to the teams winning the contest of “ROAR”!

Atlantic City is the perfect environment to find some action through Table Tennis! Among all the sports offered, table tennis is a must-try! Whether you’re experienced or new, it’s easy to have a blast with this fast-paced, action-packed sport! Initial rounds of the tournament will be held in a round-robin fashion, and then the top 4 performers will move on to the semi-finals. With a cheering crowd surrounding you, it is bound to be a magical experience. Sign up and compete to be our NABC 2023 table tennis champion!

If you’re into the thrill of running, you’ll love to be a part of our 3-Mile Run! Who wants to miss out on a chance to run along the iconic Boardwalk and then finish with a dash in the sands? Come join us with #CholoDourai to have fun and refresh your energy! Run with a partner or go alone for the glory as you compete to win this race! Good luck, and see you there!